Kylie's Game 5 at Pawn Storm Nov 15th, 2014

Kylies second Rook's revenge

Kylie's First game at today's tournament.

Problems connecting to wireless...

Sometime when you are connecting to a free wifi you will have problems bringing up the "I accept... I promise I won't sue you..." page. Try using File > New incognito window in chrome, Safari > Private Browsing, or Tools > Private Browsing in Firefox, or File > New Private window in Opera. Sometimes your cookies and cache get in the way of the page loading.

BTW, I have also used this to fix issues on Citrix eDocs in Chrome. One wouldn't want history proving you did some RTFM would we? Great side benefit!

Free beta Exam! Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration A22 Free beta Exam! Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration A22 #XenApp

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How to tell if Desktop Delivery (VDI) is a Relevant Option

These are a few key reasons that Desktop Virtualization or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is such an important driver currently and how to tell in the future if it is a relevant delivery option.

• Minimum device resources in each device tier and the cost–tier relationship.
• Ubiquity of Internet connectivity.
• Hardware relationship to operating system base requirements.
• Operating system hardware dependence, configuration complexity, and size compared to local storage cost/size.

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Copy vhd's to your Hyper-V server via Powershell

What do you do if you want to copy your vhd's from a share to your storage on your Hyper-V server?

I guess cut and paste...

What if you don't want to get your fingers all sticky from the GUI?

Lets try some powershell:

First lets create the directory so wh acn have a copy of the vhd's where we want it. Lets create a folder in the c:\ drive called VHD-staging

New-Item c:\VHD-staging -type directory

Great now we have a directory.
Now lets connect to the share:

New-PSDrive -name P -psprovider FileSystem -root \\\ShareName

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Why reconfigure proxy.xml for your vCenter and XenDesktop?

Wow, a lot of jumping between XenServer, Hyper-V and vSphere this week. It really was fun, fun, fun until I had to take my daugher’s T-bird away. But that is yet another story.

Today’s topic is everyone’s favorite xml file, proxy.xml. What fun! Ah, the pleasant days spent in a customer’s datacenter, conference room, or cube hacking away at this file. I could tell you stories only fit for the “National Enquirer”. Unfortunately today I am only going to tell stories about why this particular CTX article is so important.

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Create Large VHD's in seconds Wow!


The vhd Tool at MSDN by Chris Eck can crete large VHD's via command line in seconds. Wow! this is better than chocolate ice cream and just short of Spumoni. (And when the fat guy rates something in the range of ice cream you know it's a good tool.)
Here is what he says about it...

Latest News

The final release of v2 is now available.

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EdgeSight 5.3 SQL Requirements

SQL Server 2008 (Standard or better) or SQL Server 2005 SP2 or later (Standard or better). Note that SQL Server 2008 R2 is not supported,
Important: Note the following configuration requirements:
In SQL Server 2008, the Reporting Services Role called Manage Shared Schedules no longer exists as a stand-alone role; it is now part of the System Administrator Role. For more information, see Configuring Reporting Services for Citrix EdgeSight.
SQL Server must be configured for case-insensitive collation. Case-sensitive collation is not currently supported for this release.


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